Coriant Makes Moves

Coriant, a large telecommunications corporation with around three thousand employees, has chosen a new CEO. The former CEO wasn’t fired but ended up taking his previous job back. This change in leadership prompts the question why? Why would this company decide to make a change? The answer may be more straightforward than business reporters and journalists may think. The CEO they appointed is Shaygan Kheradpir. Kheradpir has a bachelors, master’s, and doctoral degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He previously worked for Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Networks. He often held the position of chief technology officer (CTO) and made improvements to the companies technology and diversification of assets. Additionally, Kheradpir served on the board of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology. from 2010 to 2013.

Coriant sells hardware and software for voice and data networks. It gives Kheradpir a chance to expand upon his decades of experience with innovative technology and finances.

Coriant is hoping that they have made a wide decision in trusting Kheradpir to make good executive decisions and take care of the large company. In his previous job he made job cuts and other actions in order to turn the business around and work with the board of trustees.
In an unforgiving, often unpredictable, financial market making major changes to a company like who is at the helm can lead to doubt and crisis in the market. The future of the company is unsure, although many technology based companies are in the same boat.

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Dog Owners Choose Healthier Foods for Their Pets

Dog food manufacturers have seen an increase in demand for high quality dog food. Companies that now manufacture premium dog food products containing real pieces of beef, chicken and fish have seen a steady increase in sales. These companies are taking advantage of technological improvements to capture all of the nutrients found in the natural ingredients. Creating high quality food for dogs has paid off big time for food manufacturers with sales increasing by a whopping 45 percent. More pet owners are looking on Facebook for foods that are more in line with the same products they put on their own tables, and dog food manufacturers are more than willing to meet this growing demand.
A Company That Cares
One of the leaders in healthy dog food products is Beneful. Owned by Purina, their Beneful line of products proves how much this company cares about the health and well being of dogs. Beneful began introducing a variety of dog foods made with natural ingredients long before other companies jumped on the bandwagon. Not only do they use real pieces of chicken, fish and beef in their products, but they also use high quality vegetables, such as carrots and peas. The combination of meats and vegetables provides dogs with the nutrition needed to keep them healthy and happy. Overweight dogs are more prone to heart disease and diabetes. Dog food manufacturers are beginning to realize the importance of providing healthy foods to prevent more serious conditions. In addition to creating foods that supply more essential nutrients, the Beneful line also caters to the needs of overweight dogs by offering a healthy weight variety. The dry version of this product is designed to provide an overweight dog with the protein, vitamins and minerals needed to maintain good health, while reducing the amount of calories.
Gourmet Products
The changes dog food manufacturers have made to the products they produce have allowed them to create a variety of gourmet foods, which includes products made with lamb, salmon and even pasta. Dog owners can now purchase some of their favorite dishes, such as lasagna, to share with their beloved pets.

Soros Worries That This Market Is Like 2008

The 2008-2009 stock market is one that most will not soon forget. It was a market where investors lost a lot of money in a very short period of time. It was painful for many, particularly those who needed that money to retire right as the market was taking this tumble. Different people associate it with different causes, but there is no questioning that people do remember it. What is scary to hear is that George Soros is now predicting that the current stock market will be similar to the 2008 market.

Soros is someone to listen to because of the money that he has made in the market. In fact, he has made billions of dollars in the market. He is known for making bold predictions and for being more right than he is wrong. That is how he has gained a reputation that gives him a special reason to pay extra attention to what he has to say.

According to Marketwatch, Soros has stated that problems in the Chinese markets are a big part of what has him worried. He sees that the markets in that country have been behaving very wildly. There are a lot of stocks in the Chinese market that are plummeting at the moment, and the market has a whole has had to be halted multiple times just this week.

To have to use circuit breakers to stop the market means that something desperate has happened. The government does not like to halt trading when they can avoid doing so. Halting trading simply brings about more chaos over time, and that is certainly not something that anyone wants to have.

Aside from the start and stop nature of the halting of markets, China has other underlying problems that seem to have certain traders having a case of the jitters. The growth in China has slowed incredibly. There were years recently when growth in China was between 7 and 9 percent annually. Now, there are whispers that the growth rate for the year in China may well be zero percent. It is troubling investors and it should.

Not everything parallels the 2008 markets of course. It would be rather difficult to find a perfect correlation like that, but there are reasons to be worried. 2008 saw problems with the housing markets that caused a near collapse of the entire system. Today, we are seeing problems with China and there are still lingering debt problems in Greece as well.

The Greek debt issue is something that Soros says that may be an even bigger problem than the whole issue in China. He feels that a lot of people have taken the Greek issue off the table in their minds, but it is far from over. If the issue starts to spread into other markets in the region or in the world, then the overall stock market situation could be dramatically worse than it is today. There are reasons to be worried about a 2008 style market say George Soros and many others.

Nicki Minaj Departs For Angola Trip After Human Rights Foundation Intervention

Anaconda star Nicki Minaj has recently become the focus of the Human Rights Foundation after she agreed to appear at a Christmas Festival in Angola. The festival is sponsored by Unitel, a telecommunications induistry company thought to be part of the business empire of President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos; the Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen has written an open letter to Minaj and fellow performer Gilbert Arenas calling upon them to pull out of the concert.

Halvorssen has recently been looking to highlight the trips and performances of many of the top stars of Hollywood and the wider entertainment industry paid for by tyrants from around the world. Halvorssen has been involved in the publication and highlighting of the human rights abuses of people from around the world in his bid to assist those who are abused by government officials. The Human Rights Foundation has been at the forefront of bringing noteriety to those who support regimes from around the world, with Minaj and Arenas the latest to feel the wrath of Halvorssen as he looks to explain why they should not follow through with their planned performances.

Thor Halvorssen is a well known Hollywood film producer who has worked in the genres of documentary and science fiction. The work in Hollywood is coupled with the human rights advocacy Halvorssen has undertaken in recent years in his bid to create a fairer world for all. The personal nature of the work of Halvorssen comes after members of his own family were subjected to various abuses of their rights throughout their life in Venezuela.

One of the major problems the Human Rights Foundation founder has with the planned performance of NIcki Minaj and Gilbert Arenas is the sponsorship of the performance by a President Dos Santos owned company. The President is accused by Thor Halvorssen of growing rich off the diamond and oil industries of Angola as his own people starve; coupled with accussations of human rights abuses by the President, Halvorssen has called upon Nicki Minaj to give up her performance to support the human rights of the people of Angola.