The Kennedy Center Donation and the other great works of Dick DeVos

I recently read an article on the Kennedy Center expansion project in the Washington Business Journal. The article discussed many aspects of the projects and gave a list of donors who had given 1 million dollars or more. The article was informative and interesting to read.

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performance Center, or Kennedy Center as it is more commonly known, was opened in 1971. There is a planned expansion of the center that was originally estimated to cost 125 million dollars. The building of the expansion was going to cost 100 million and the funding and expansion of programs to the new area was going to cost 25 million.?

The expansion is set to include expansion of the main building to include more pavilion spaces, more educational space, more rehearsal space and increased space for dining. There will be a new riverfront pavilion that is linked to the main center by a foot bridge. The project had already been approved. The goal was to raise all the funds needed by getting contributions.?

The article explained the amazing amount of support the projects fundraising had received from philanthropists like Dick DeVos. It was amazing that they had already surpassed their original goal of 125 million. They have raised 135.9 million already and just increased their goal. They have added another 50 million to the original goal based on the amazing response that they have received.

Among the large donors that I read about in the article were the Boeing company and The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. DeVos has long been a philanthropist. The former president of Amway’s foundation works towards helping to fund various charities and causes. In fact, they have donated to the Kennedy Center before. In 2010, they donated 22.5 million to the center. At that time is was the center’s largest private donation in history.

The DeVos also have established scholarships for business students and fund an aviaition high school that Dick founded to give opportunities for underpriviledged kids to pursue their dreams of flying. DeVos is highly engaged in his community as you can see from his social media accounts such as his Twitter where he often posts messages encouraging members of his community in their efforts and successes.

Glad to see so many great West Michigan companies making the list of Michigan’s “50 Companies to Watch!”

Posted by Dick DeVos on?Monday, December 28, 2015

The Kennedy Center will continue to grow with the help of generous people like Dick DeVos. The philanthropy of the DeVos foundation?will help the center continue to be a place were arts are cherished, developed and appreciated.

Your Dog Might Be Honing a Sophisticated Gourmet Palate

A recent article in the Daily Herald caught a lot of people by surprise. On the surface the article begins by describing a fairly normal scene. Some executives within a small gourmet food company are providing a tour to the reporter. But the moment of shock comes after one of them takes a bite of their product. Because the meals the company creates are aimed at dogs. But this highlights a surprising trend among dog food companies. More and more companies are aiming to make a name for themselves by creating organic and high quality meals for dogs. One example of this is a campaign centered around the phrase “he’ll have what you’re having.” Some of the doggy highlights of that campaign include lasagna and beef stroganoff based dishes. This might be a surprising trend for some dog owners. But those people might be caught even more off guard by the fact that their dogs might already be eating the kind of high quality foods that one normally only expects to see in specialty preparations. One of the reasons for this is a high quality dog food brand called Beneful. While it is a high quality dog food brand, it’s also something that can be found on the shelves of most supermarkets. There’s no need to schedule a trip to the nearest large city to find it, unlike many of the other brands of gourmet dog food. It’s ubiquitous in distribution, but singular in terms of dedication to quality. This is especially true given the fact that it was created right from the start with a mission statement centered around providing only the highest quality ingredients. What sets Beneful apart from other brands can be seen by imagining the perfect meal for oneself. There will usually be a wide assortment of different foods on the plate. One might like some vegetables to the side, some sauces, and one or more meat options. The main point is that people like to have a variety of different foods and flavors on the plate to compliment each other. And realized the same holds true for dogs. And as a result the brand contains only the freshest ingredients, mixed and matched to provide a rush of flavor with every bite. And because of the freshness one can be sure dogs are also getting all the vitamins and minerals they require.

The Brazilian Stocks of Today

Brazil is a booming economy. People like Igor Cornelsen know this because he has worked hard in this economy. He is one of the strongest supporters of the Brazilian stocks on the market. That is why he presents people that he consults with options for foreign stocks. This is something new that investors are trying. It has not been the easiest thing for a new investor to conceptualize investing in Brazil, but somehow Cornelsen of has presented a way for more people to discover the wealth of Brazilian stocks by talking about this.

When people search for ways to diversify their portfolios and seek information from Igor Cornelsen they will find information about Brazil. Igor was a Brazilian banker before he retired and move to America. He knows about the political red tape. He knows how the market works. Most of all he knows how what stocks are hot because he has watched the economy grow.

People that are trying to build up their portfolios with diverse stocks do not really have to be Latin American natives to do so. They can still invest in Brazil even when they are living in America. They just have to become familiar with what is booming in this Brazilian industry. There are minerals and irons that are big stocks in the world of investing. Other people will find that the rental properties and the companies that provides these rentals are great investments.

The Brazilian economy has managed to thrive because it is a hot tourist spot. Utility companies are always going to be a great investment. This is why CPFL Energia is a good company to consider. There are also other chemical companies in Brazil like Braskem SA that can provide some lucrative returns. The investor that believes heavily in stocks from banks or finance companies should consider Banco Bradesco or Itau Unibanco Holding. These are companies that have provided great returns for investors over the last several years. These are companies that have sometimes average more on returns than a plethora of American stocks.

The thing that makes investing such a big deal in Brazil is the newness of the country. The constitution is less than 30 years old. The laws are new and changing. The tourism is growing in leaps and bounds. All of this makes the economic development of the Brazilian culture awesome for investors.

There are investors that make the decision to invest in index funds because they do not have a desire to research every individual company. The iShares MSCI Brazil Index ETF is a great index fund for those that want to get a broad selection of Brazilian stocks. This is comparable to American’s S&P 500 index fund.

Popular YouTubers You Should Learn About

The online world has opened up many opportunities, both for social groups as well as for economic-focused individuals. YouTube is one of the online platforms where one can easily get all the information that can help to make life better. From fun videos to tutorials that offer education, YouTube has been credited for allowing people to interact at a deeper level. This platform also offers a great marketing tool for companies and different brands. Many people have capitalized on the art of creating unique videos, which they post on the platform so their followers can watch and subscribe to watch more in future. Those with hither numbers of subscribers are regarded among the most successful YouTubers and below are just a few who have excelled quite well in the field.

With a total of 1.9 billion views, KSI is among few YouTubers who have made a milestone on the platform. He is mainly loved for the fanaticism he displays for video games, particularly FIFA games. KSI also boasts of more than 10 million subscribers. He mainly offers videos with footage where he commentates FIFA video games. This has drawn massive admiration and love all over the world, something that has qualified him to rank among top YouTubers.

Ray William Johnson
Ray William Johnson is also a well known YouYuber, who specializes in offering comic video commentaries. His fan base has risen to the tune of 10.7 million subscribers from all over the world. He is also happy to have reached a total of three billion views, something thats not easy to achieve for any ordinary person. Ray William Johnson also invites top celebrities and personalities who help to make his videos more interesting during the interviews.

Wengie is an Australian based beauty blogger, who has been crowned for offering content that is useful and colorful for all classes of viewers. He is credited for maintaining top standards in the field and helping to offer new solutions for problems that have engulfed the world of fashion beauty.

It is also necessary to note that Wengie has taken some campaign to YouTube, where she creates different useful videos that are meant to offer information that can help people improve on their beauty skills. This has earned Wengie many subscribers, who are eager to learn about beauty and to explore more. His videos are based on the need to offer beauty solutions that are reliable and lasting while at the same time maintaining uniqueness.