The escape and success of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park was born October 4, 1993 and had a very troubled childhood. During North Korea’s economic downfall in the 90’s Park’s family turned to black market trading. As her father was sent to a labor camp her family fled to China where Park and her mother later became property of human traffickers. She is now a human rights activist and speaks out against human trafficking in North Korea and all around the world. Park gave a speech at the One Young World Summit in Ireland. The summit tries to find solutions to world issues. She told of how she escaped from North Korea. Her speech received over 2 million views on YouTube from people all over the world. Even after her trafficking experience Park believes that there is no such thing as North and South Koreans, just Koreans. She has remained very loyal to her homeland. After the Summit in Ireland Park still wanted to reach out to the world and share her story of human trafficking and what a real issue it has become. She wrote a book entitled “In Order to Live” to get her message out to the world. The book tells of her very brave escape from North Korea as well as very intimate and personal things she faced in the trafficking business. Life in North Korea was brutal and Park and her family would often go without food. Park’s family was viewed as criminals and were forced to become the lowest of the low in North Korean society. Park was sixty pounds and on the brink of death when her and her family were smuggled across the border into China. Park did not wish to be free in China because she did not know what freedom was. She just knew that if she didn’t get out of the situation she was in in North Korea, her and her family would surely die. Yeonmi Park’s story is one of pure bravery and doing whatever it takes to survive.

Slyce Redefines Shopping Experience for Consumers & Retailers

Smart retailers are going one step ahead in using visual search especially in the home and fashion industry. They provide their brands with shoppable content and how do they do that? By identifying content that inspires interest and encourages discovery to user-generated creative photography.

Today, Toronto-based Company is the leading visual search provider for retailers and brands. It offers customers a flawless experience by scanning or taking a quick picture around them to receive immediate exact or a similar item online on your smartphone and make an instant purchase. The Universal Scanner seamlessly handles coupons, bar codes, QR codes and 3D objects.

The Philadelphia based SnipSnap acquisition was purchased by Slyce at 6.5 million. Slyce immediately gained over four million SnipSnap mobile shoppers and roughly 50 retailers in North America including Bed Bath & Beyond, Lord & Taylor and Aeropostale. SnipSnap currently has a patent pending for its process of turning a photograph of a coupon into an in-store redeemable mobile coupon. Retailers will actually be much more competitive if customers are able to take full advantage of price matching policies. Scout also gives users the confidence to know that theyve gotten a good deal, something that will help to convince buyers on the fence about a purchase.

SnipSnap, the mobile couponing division of visual search leader Slyce Inc., launched a new product called Scout, which is designed to be the visual equivalent of Siri. Scout can search discounts, coupons, rebates, or the user manual of the product on the picture taken by the user. With the integration of Snip Snap and Scout there will be the option of chatting with a representative to help find the purchase. This takes Slyce to a whole new level of usefulness that users will appreciate.

Slyce also says it expects to broaden its offering to the healthcare, automotive, financial and entertainment verticals. Slyce’s strategy is to position itself as a pivotal player in the emerging visual web.

As visual search technology is quickly gaining traction, retailers are now using images on social media as visual search content. It can be challenging to provide great visual search results on all products as the web and mobile user experience of using visual search technology have yet to be advanced in its visual content. However, we see a tremendous transformation in the visual space in the near future. Technology is rapidly evolving and a lot of retail platforms are now introducing consumers with visual search.

Doe Deere Changes The Image Of The Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics industry has traditionally been dominated by the major companies that have a long history of producing the makeup and beauty products used by the majority of people around the world. The start of the 21st century and the rise of the Internet made a vast change in the way the cosmetics industry was perceived by large numbers of consumers. Many who feel they are not represented by the cosmetics industry are now looking to create their own makeup using the ingredients that can be found through Online stores, that are designed to provide the base materials for creating cruelty free and unique makeup options for an individual.

LimeCrime founder Doe Deere was one of those who felt she was not represented by the cosmetics giants of the world because of her own approach to fashion and style. Deere had already launched the LimeCrime brand as a clothing range following the successful completion of her fashion based education in New York. The LimeCrime founder has already created a unique and innovative personal style, but felt the makeup on offer did not match what she hoped to achieve in terms of fashion. In a bid to market her own fashion range and remain happy in her own personal style Doe Deere looked to create her own makeup that quickly became the focus of people who viewed her LimeCrime brand.

After embarking on a period of research and development in the field of cosmetics design Doe Deere began creating her own cosmetics designed specifically for herself and the models used for her clothing range. The innovative designs created for the LimeCrime marketing options were quickly placed into production as the followers of the brand on social media began asking to purchase the products to recreate the looks seen in marketing materials.

Since the shift in focus to cosmetics production for LimeCrime the innovative nature of the cosmetics and marketing options created has seen many larger cosmetics companies look to match the products produced. Doe Deere also uses her own persona as a marketing tool through her use of blogs and social media activities, which use her own fairytale inspired style to inspire others to follow her designs and personal style. LimeCrime and Doe Deere have also recently explained just how the brand and founder are evolving into the future. Alongside the bold, strong colors used in the majority of LimeCrime products the latest additions to the LimeCrime brand will feature a more muted mature look ideal for daytime wear.

Slyce Has A New Image Recognition App

After being acquired by Slyce, SnipSnap has changed from a digital coupon site to a personal savings assistant
Slyce is a visual image recognition provider. SnipSnap has integrated its technology into a new app called Scout. Its key feature is its image recognition tool. With it a user can take a snapshot of a product, and then use it to work with a visual concierge to locate the best price deal for the product.
The Scout system is two fold. There is artificial intelligence combined with a human representative. When the image of a product is identified, the customer has to answer automated questions in order to locate the best deals for the identified item. On the other end, the human representative searches the internet to determine if Scout has missed anything. The entire process usually takes from one to six minutes.
Scout has a 95% success rate when it comes to identifying product images. The app scans hundreds of thousands ecommerce websites to search out the absolute best bargains. Scout is capable of including a store’s price matching and rebate offers.
A fifty man Slyce team deals full time with the app’s image recognition process. SnipSnap has been gradually introducing Scout to thousands of new users. The human teams hopes to focus on the behind the scenes development of the app as the artificial intelligence learns and improves.

Steve Murray Brought CCMP Capital to Great Success

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a New York-based private equity firm with a strong history and a bright future. Established in 2006 from a J.P Morgan spinout, CCMP Capital has a 31-year history prior to the spinout, making this a strong business foundation. Steven P. Murray was the president and chief executive officer of this company, and he brought the organization to great success prior to his untimely demise in 2015.

Steve Murray was a Boston College graduate of 1984 who earned a degree in economics. In 1989, Murray completed additional studies, earning his master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School. With this kind of dedication to personal improvement and education it should come as no surprise that Murray brought CCMP to the success he did. After a slew of high profile positions held at various corporations, Murray became the head of buyout business for JP Morgan Partners. Murray co-founded CCMP Capital shortly after, containing the buyout and the growth equity team of JP Morgan Partners private equity group. One year later, Murray was named CEO of CCMP Capital.

With such a bright future ahead of him, and with such a strong foundation on which to base CCMP Capital, Murray’s step down from the leadership of his spinout in February of 2015 for health-related reasons raised some speculation, but his death in March of 2015 was felt by many. Not only were his wife and children left heartbroken by Murray’s death at age 52, but his many colleagues at CCMP Capital were stunned and saddened as well.

For, in addition to being an astute and experienced businessman, well versed in private equity, Murray was a philanthropist who devoted much time to those in need. Murray was a supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of metropolitan New York, a supporter of Boston College, a supporter of the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, a support of the Stamford Museum and a supporter of the Columbia Business School.

Exercise, Nutrition And Beneful For Your Dog’s Health

Nutrition For Your Dog

One of the easiest ways to help your dog keep a long and happy life is to keep them on a well balanced and nutrient rich diet. You should consult your veterinarian and other pet owners while doing your own, independent research on this. Knowing what your dog needs in their diet is important to finding the right food. I feed my dog Beneful because he loves the flavor of the food. He smells it when I open a new package. It’s made by Purina, so you know it is coming from a major brand. I’ve watched my dog’s eating habits closely. I even write them down when I’m suspicious that he is not eating enough food. I want my dog to live a long and happy life. He loves the blend of flavors that Beneful uses, so I keep getting it for him every time I go to the pet store.

Sometimes I take my dog with me to the pet store when I go to get food or other supplies. Emotional well being is another important aspect to maintaining your dog’s optimal health. They need to be socialized. They love to see other dogs, and they love to get new scents. They enjoy sniffing the other dog, and the live to explore new territories. This can be fun, too! Take your dog on a walk in a new place. Go visit a trail or park near your home, so you and your dog can enjoy the outdoors together. This can be a fun bonding experience for you and your friend, and you get to rest assure that your dog is getting a new experience as well as exercise.

Exercise And Activity

Make sure your dog is living a healthy life by getting the dog to commit to exercising. If you have a yard, this is less of an issue, but you should still make a point to maintain proper exercise. A dog that is trapped indoors all the time might feel more depressed and not move around as much. This is an indicator that your dog needs more exercise. Whether your dog is able to go out in their own back yard or if they are trapped indoors all the time, you should make it a point to take your dog to a park for walks on occasion. This will enliven your dog’s spirit. You will get some exercise, as well.

Keeping healthy, as you know, is a combination of emotional and physical health. You can help your dog maintain optimal health by keeping them on a well balanced diet that you maintain. Keep proper feeding times and portion sizes. Consult your veterinarian from time to time to keep your dog in their best health. Take time to play with your dog and get some exercise for both of you. This is fun and can bring years of joy to both of your lives. Being a pet owner is fun!