Dramatic and creative Brazilian Advertising astounds

Brazil is known on the global stage for being innovative promoters. The nations advertising execs create campaigns that are daring and inspired. This country is known for open appealing and award winning ads in multiple mediums. Brazilians are just like the rest of the world they want their advertising to be enjoyable. The country does have limits and rules of advertising however the ad companies are given more freedom than in many other locations. The publicists believe that the people are not as closed off and cynical as many other client groups making the advertising in that area more effectively.

Advertising is omnipresent in Brazil. They cover all of the regular avenues, including newspapers, billboards, sporting events, television, and magazines, in addition to electronic media. The best advertising execs are considered celebrities for their work which is taken to the level of them being followed in gossip magazines. Brazil has a variety of agencies and types of advertisers, they have the multi-national companies that have a strong presence but not as many local clients. The country has differences between the small companies that focus on smaller clients and those that started small but have soared in popularity. These last companies have been the key to making Brazil have a place in the advertising world.

Claudio Loureiro is a well-known fixture in Brazilian advertisement having been in the industry for more than two decades. He was one of the founders of Heads Propaganda which started off as a small local company and expanded to all manners of success. They can count some of the biggest companies in Brazil among their client list. He is considered an inventor and innovator and has taken great strides in bringing positive views to the Rio and the rest of Brazil wanting people across the globe to see the beauty and vitality of his world. He wanted the eyes of the outside world to see Brazil in the way that he did.

Heads Propaganda is one of the top locally owned advertisement agencies in Brazil. The company strives to live life to the fullest and be inspired by that action. They believe in passion, intellect, creativity and understanding trying to share their view of the world with their clients. Head wants to connect all levels of advertising to the clients and move beyond that to merge the client experience with the public. Heads focuses on the original to go beyond what everyone else is doing. The company enjoys striking outside the box for their clients making a new path that is individual in that business. The company has also earned praise for being one of the best places to work in the communication field in Brazil.

NYC Tech Boom Changes Face of Real Estate in Great Way

New York City is gigantic and modern and changes with its residents; this metropolis goes with the flow. At the moment, that catalyst is called the NYC tech boom and explosive it is!

The Huffington Post took an in-depth look at the issue and found these impressive developments:

First, New York City is quickly becoming a high-tech metropolis as capital flows into the city. HP reports that the tech industry was responsible for 19 percent of all leasing activity in 2014–much higher than was expected.

NYC neighborhoods like Flatiron, Union Square and Chelsea have been seeing tech start-ups infiltrate their areas. The tech companies are inhaling almost half of all bids in commercial real estate, and with a shrinking supply and record high prices, the competition is fierce.

NYC luxury real estate, which is available through Town Residential understands this boom better than most; the luxury real estate services firm has been in strong demand for high-end living in residential sales; leasing; and sales and leasing of property developments. These experts are recognizing the new face of real estate in the Big Apple and the impact the tech industry is carving out.

HP cites that design of modern office space is another real estate game changer. For those employed in high-tech, creative working space is key. To attract the right talent, most tech start-ups go for the gold by developing the perfect office concept. That means requesting a landlord knock down walls, expose brick, offer high ceilings or loft spaces, and so forth.

The third way NYC tech is changing the game is by rejuvenating old neighborhoods like the famous Garment District. These days, one is apt to see more tech employees walking around there than the master cutters and pattern makers who used to crowd the sidewalk along 38th Street at lunchtime. New restaurants, bars and retail stores are attracting new tenants.

New York Town Residential sees the significant impact one industry alone is having on housing and lifestyle in NYC. The company believes these are exciting days for New York City with its real estate landscape morphing into modern times.

Lastly, HP has discovered the young, very educated tech employees are also moving into areas of the city that offer for more value and space for their dollar. This changes the demographics of a neighborhood, creating hot spots of new businesses and developments.

The Top Up-and-Coming Business Executives In Chicago Today

Non profit superstar, Greg Aguilar works alongside medical students in a rigorous transfer program in Nicaragua where they work under the demanding conditions of real hospital work. He has also ran several time for high offices and is currently the head, regional director of the Illinois Department of Commerce.

Also of note is marketing executive and investment trader, Majeed Ekbal. Ekbal has made many different successful investment ventures in the United Arab Emirates and teaches others about finace, business and investment on his blog, “Majeed Ekbal’s Daily Blog,” online. Ekbal also shares his music interests through his Soundcloud page.

Next up is the ace up and comer, Miguel Blancarte; born to Mexican immigrants his upbringing was a harsh one but his drive and ambition remained undeterred. He graduated salutatorian from the prestigious university of Cristo Rey Jesuit School and has interned at various major corporations such as UBS Global and Norther Trust as well as the Law offices of Cynthia Soto and Rosalba Pi-a. In 2012 he founded his flagship project, Blancarte Consulting, a law firm dedicated to easing the plight faced by legal immigrants into the US.

Another notable business executive working in Chicago today is the multi talented women’s right’s advocate and business owner, Eloise Diaz Bahrmasel. With her co-collaborator, Anna Valencia, Bahrmasel founded the well known Power Pump association, a organization focused on improving the working conditions of woman in every Chicago industry where they face inequalities. She has also a executive board member on the Chicago Scholars board and frequently works with politicians who fight for equality in the workplace and benefits for students.

And lastly, no list of rising stars in Chicago’s vibrant business industry today would be complete without the addition of award winning social justice advocate and educator, Dominica McBride, the founder and head executive of Become. Become works as a community engagement center that strives to educate, empower and unify the Hispanic, African american, East African and Native American communities of Chicago. In conjunction with Become, McBride works along side various Chicago community leaders and various other outreach programs with a prominent focus on youth education and participatory learning and community building. In addition, the company also provides substance abuse counseling, HIV prevention counseling and clinical therapy services. McBride graduated with a PhD in Counseling Psychology from Arizona State and also currently works as a diversity professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Business Lessons As Learned From Ken Griffin

Ken Griffin is leading investor and professional, who has managed to grow different businesses form the lowest point to being the best ventures of all times. Ken Griffin on valuewalk has scooped different awards for maintaining much zeal and dedication to his work. He has also been instrumental in offering young entrepreneurs information that has proved invaluable to their success. Ken Griffin is also a great father and husband. He has also been identified in projects that are geared towards offering support for humanity. He is a well established expert in the financial world, with a clear educational background in the same area.

Ken Griffin began laying strategies about the establishment of his businesses at an early age. While in high school, he showed interest in topics that touched on different business tricks that could be applied in the competitive world. His dedication was noted by many and he always sought for information from different people and this has been helpful to the creation of a successful business. Succeeded perfectly in areas that touched on business as this was his passion and has remained something he has grown to love to date. His dream was to one day create a business empire that could help create jobs.

After he successfully completed his high school education, Ken Griffin joined the Harvard University, where he chose to pursue economics. This was another chance he had secured to hone his skills further and to gather more information that could help him understand more about business. He was able to come across an article in the Forbes Magazine, which offered insight on tactics students could apply to manage a successful business while learning. He got much motivation upon reading this information, something that led him to resolve that he would establish a business while in campus. During his first year, Ken Griffin came up with an idea of starting a hedge fund. This is something that was great and some though he was being too ambitious, but he could not drop the thought.

He organized the business and called friends and classmates to invest in form of shares, which was a way he used to raise capital for the business. His success in the venture inspired many and made him to believe even more in himself. It offered him encouragement to start something bigger in the near future.

So, he graduated from the university and drafted a model that he could use for his business. He wanted to come up with a more stable venture but the biggest problem was financing the business. He approached Frank Meyer, who allowed him to receive $1 million on condition that he would offer a portion of the total returns made by the company. In 1990, he thought about creating a better business and this saw the birth of Citadel, LLC. This would be the biggest hedge fund, which managed to beat stiff competition within a short duration. As of 1998, the company employs more than 300 people. His dedication and great support has allowed the company to rank among the best in the world.

Working on Wikipedia as an Editor

There are many wiki websites on the internet but there is really only one Wikipedia. A wiki website is a type of online encyclopedia that is group edited by individuals all over the country. Run on open source software, wiki sites operate as volunteer run encyclopedias whose users both add and keep content up to date. Wikipedia is the most famous example of these sites and it has been going strong for the past 15 years or so. Wikipedia is the first stop on the internet for knowledge seekers to make Wiki business pages looking to gain at least a general insight into a topic while being one of the most visited websites on the entire planet. Let’s look at a few ways editors can get involved with Wikipedia.

Enhance and Modify old Articles.
Articles on Wikipedia come in many shapes and sizes. From the newest articles on trending pop culture personalities to general articles on historically quantifiable events, there is something for everyone. On these newer articles editors can fluff out the content by adding images, expanding on core components, or clarify prior information. New articles are typically the easiest to dig into as they have the least amount of edits done to them.

Add Personal Pages via Get Your Wiki.
Getting into Wikipedia as an article is not the easiest thing in the world. Despite common thought, Wikipedia is not a compendium for anything and everything. Instead additions to the Wikipedia have to meet several steep standards to get added. Websites and services like Get Your Wiki can help people get placed inside of the Wikipedia. Merely contacting the service will begin the process of getting an unbiased, neutral point of view, page to the encyclopedia.

Watch out for Wikipedia Initiatives
Oftentimes Wikipedia will take a back seat to the editing required on the encyclopedia, opting instead to let editors take care of business. However, sometimes Wikipedia will step in and try to lead site wide initiatives to fix certain issues. For example, there was a recent mission to clean up grammar problems on major articles all across the encyclopedia. Paying attention to the ‘site wide goals’ can be a great way to find a heading toward fixing some issues and adding a personal touch onto the Wikipedia.

As anyone can see, editing on Wikipedia isn’t exactly easy but it is definitely rewarding. With the way the internet is integrating itself into our lives, Wikipedia figures to be around for a long, long time.

Adam Sender-How Creativity Drives Success

Adam Sender is one of the most successful art investors in the world. His tireless ability to spot out winning companies has made him the sweetheart of Wall Street. His knowledge of marketplace psychology gives him the foresight to create winning investment strategies that are very groundbreaking by nature. His intimate relationship with the art world is something that thousands of art collectors have learned to respect him for and his excitement about art has led him to gain a thorough understanding of who he is and what is the what message he wants to send through the pieces he collects.

It has always been his passion to support artists that show promise and artistic integrity because he sees himself as an artist as well. Tons of people admire his ability to choose winning companies and thrive on his words of wisdom as they are guided by his expertise.

He started his career as an art investor by investing in a photograph taken of a woman in the bed covered in bed sheets. By investing $100,000 in this photograph of this woman startled and befuddled investors all around the world because he so early on, had the passion and foresight to allow his feelings to guide his decision-making, as opposed to the typical Wall Street exec that typically gravitates towards the most expensive thing.

Sender has purchased over 400 pieces of work from various artists all around the world with the focus of expressing himself through the artwork that he invests. He has plans to open a few museums of his own filled with his artwork in the near future, as to promote his vision for what beauty really is and what it means to him.

It is extremely gratifying for him to focus on the cultivation of so many art careers. It is extremely difficult to succeed as an artist without someone with lots of capital to back your work as Adam sender has. As it is one of lifes great mysteries how to properly invest in art, Adam Sender has mastered this craft and has the money to prove it. Not only is he a board member of some of the worlds most powerful art based companies, he is also a leader in the world of cultivating businesses that drive the free world.

As it is becoming increasingly difficult to innovate in the world that is as fast-paced as the one we live in today, Adam Sender has established a powerful, innovative leadership role within several companies that enable him to indulge in all of the worlds finest art, not only having the first pick at the worlds best art, but being able to shape the ideals of people in society.

Jaime Garcia Dias And The Creative Life in Brazil

Writer Jaime Garcia Dias is a man committed to his craft, and to living the literary life. His commitment can clearly be seen in the work he has completed already. At age 45, Dias already has 20 books to his credit, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

The literary world is definitely taking notice of the high quality of Dias work. He was recently singled out for the ABC Award of Brazil for literature. This high honor comes in recognition of the resonance and high standards seen in his many works of literature.

Dias has always lived a literary life. From early on his parents instilled in him a love of higher learning and in the value of education. His mother was a writer and his father was a renowned architect in Brazil. Dias took seriously the teaching of his parents, and he committed himself to a life of learning. In his early career, he spent five years teaching at the Carioca School in Brazil. The school is a prep school that encourages young students to prepare for a life in literature, and Dias was obviously a good fit for the school.

Early Literary Influences

Dias has been an avid reader his entire life, and he counts some of the major writers from Brazil as his influences. One of his favorite writers is Jorge Amado, whose whimsical and humorous style captures the feel of day to day life in Brazil. Amado is the author of Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands, which he wrote in 1966. The story tells the tale of Dona Flor, who continues a romance with the ghost of her dead husband even while she pursues a relationship with a real live lover. The story was later turned into a film which won international acclaim.

Dias is a writer who intends on continuing to strive for the best as a literary artist. At age 45, its clear he has many years of achievement ahead of him, which is something readers can look forward to with great anticipation.

Investors Are Concerned About Potential Defaults On Loans By South Africa And Brazil

The recent economic downturn in China has taken a major toll on their supplier countries especially other emerging markets that supply raw materials and other goods that are essential items in China. Some investors like Ken Griffin, the CEO of Citadel LLC, thinks thats a key reason why many hedge fund managers are worried about Brazil and South Africa defaulting on current loans.  His company has more than $26 billion assets under management. Griffin has been analyzing the current China situation, and he believes South Africa and Brazil will not default on their loans, but he does say that both countries have corruption issues that can impact their ability to pay.

Ken Griffin is a genius when it comes to predicting the financial health of emerging markets, and he thinks there could be a global crisis of some kind in 2016 especially if the Federal Reserve starts raising interest rates. The first interest rate increase could come before the end of 2015. An increase in interest rates will be the catalyst for more corporate bankruptcies, according to Griffin. The International Monetary Fund has asked the Feds to hold any rate increase until sometime in 2016. The IMF is concerned that a rate increase could trigger a major divestment of assets. In 2008, more than $40 billion worth of assets were lost in the third quarter.

Brazil, more than South Africa, is getting most of the attention from investors, according to economists. Investors are pulling out of Brazil because the currency is down more than 30 percent against the dollar this year.

As Mr. Griffin pointed out, political corruption in Brazil could be the straw that breaks their economic back. President Rousseff is weak, and her finance minister doesnt have the support of her cabinet. Rousseff approval rating now stands at 8 percent, and it is dropping daily. The new budget is supposed to plug holes in the countrys 8 to 10 percent deficit, but some economists and investors doubt the budget will help as much as the government says it will.

The main indicators of a default by Brazil and South Africa, according to Griffin, are dropping currency rates and government bond yields. Right now the dropping currency value in Brazil is the main indicator that there could be trouble ahead when it comes to paying back loans. The bond yields can be manipulated by the central bank if they are government controlled, so currency devaluation is the main red flag at the moment.

But Griffin and other investors believe the price of oil and the changes the Chinese government is putting in place will help Brazil and South Africa recover. Some investors arent waiting for those changes to materialize, but Griffin says that waiting is the best strategy if investors want big returns in emerging markets.

Ethically Editing And Creating Wikipedia Pages

In most instances, Wikipedia services are written mutually by the individuals who utilize them. Wikipedia has transformed the livelihoods of the everyday people, proficient researchers, students and authors looking for information. Gone are the days when people used to search for information in the costly volumes of encyclopedias. Some reference books and dictionaries have become consigned to storage closets because of usage and influence of information sites such as Wikipedia.

There is nevertheless a big problem when it comes to the above picture. The reference books used before were written by qualified experts like Wikipedia writers. These books were cautiously reviewed by knowledgeable editors to ensure ethical and accurate input before they underwent publication. In the Wikipedia world Alternatively, information can be deleted, changed or added by anyone. Wrong or right, bad or good, this process of deleting, editing and adding of Wikipedia pages is startlingly very easy.

Any person can publish or write their own individual pages on Wikipedia provided the titles of pages have not been used. After keying in the preferred text into the blank page, one only needs to click on the key written save the page. The page of the article will almost immediately appear.

Editing an article in Wikipedia is similarly quite uncomplicated. It is this easy and quick way to enter any page of Wikipedia that depicts the most condemnation by individuals who question the accuracy of the online content. It is also the driving force for Wikipedia volunteers and staff to review continually the edited pages for their accuracy.

Presently, Wikipedia community consists of around 30,000 volunteers who edit and manage the pages. Almost half of the mentioned volunteer checkers consume one hour per day or a bit more editing the articles. Adding a citation to a Wikipedia page is a little complicated. There are many citation rules and formats to adhere to.

The horrible performance of spamming is a continuous predicament with this online site. Wikipedia spam is the unsuitable addition of information and links for the overt reason for promoting ideas and links or spreading of wrong information. If a person is sure that the data added to a page is wrong or is spam, they have the options of editing the page, reporting to Wikipedia or deleting the wrong or bad information.

“GetYourWiki” is the internet wring organization that offers monitoring services to ensure editing of customers’ pages is spam free and accurate.

Wikipedia Writing for Artists

People who are creative love Wikipedia. Not only can they contribute to the overall Wiki community, Wikipedia writers, musicians, and other talented people also use Wiki as a promotional vehicle. An artist definitely is going to like all the traffic Wiki delivers to a page associated with the work the artist creates. Creating a free website is an “okay” way of developing a presence on the web. However, the traffic that Wiki entries receive is usually going to be solid. Plus, there are not the same issues associated with being de-indexed from the search engines or being ranked very low in the listings. Wikipedia is considered a prestigious online encyclopedia. The search engines are not exactly going to frown upon a page on the site.

The most positive thing about Wikipedia is also a very common drawback. The online encyclopedia is based on community contributions. That means anyone who wants to lend a proverbial hand to help build up the content on Wiki may do so. This creates a wonderful benefit to those who wish to add entries about themselves or their work on the site.

As long as the right buttons are engaged, anyone can add content and save it. The content may also be edited at any time. Simply clicking a mouse over the “edit” button and then saving the changes ensures the content is always growing and always updated. No charges or fees are associated with being able to put a new page up.

What is the drawback? Basically, anyone can edit a page. For an artist, this can be troubling because non-factual information that derides the work of the artist may be entered. Putting up a report about a bad review is unfortunate. Actually writing a bad review into the content of the site is a whole different matter and extremely unfair.

Hiring Get Your Wiki could aid in eliminating the chances for such problems emerging. Get Your Wiki provides comprehensive writing, editing, and monitoring services to make sure the current version of a Wiki page is acceptable to readers and whomever may be the subject. Artists might not be up to date on what is required to make a Wiki page look good. A Wiki writing service such as Get Your Wiki knows all.

Wiki pages are read by millions of people. Anyone concerned about how the content of the page looks to these readers should take clear steps to ensure the highest levels of professionalism is maintained.