Frans Schoeman, A Renaissance Lawyer

As its commonly conceived a renaissance person is someone who lived in the distant past and who were educated in a broad variety of areas. Such people were highly respected. Sadly as our body of knowledge has increased it has become rare that one person could delve deeply in all of the accumulated knowledge of many fields. One man has managed to do just that. A well-educated man with over 25 years of experience Frans Schoeman could easily be called a renaissance lawyer. His working body of knowledge in so many different fields is by anyone’s standards impressive.

Mr. Schoeman attended the University Free from 1987 to 1990 where he obtained a Baccalaureate Procuratuonis. This degree is required in South Africa to qualify as an attorney. While in school he was an active member of the Student Legal Society. Once out of school he joined the respected law firm of Joubert Schoeman.

While working for a prestigious law firm would have been satisfying for most people it just wasn’t enough for Mr. Schoeman on Within nine years, he joined Hofeyr Herbstein and Gihwala Inc. as an attorney practicing in various fields. 2001 saw Mr. Schoeman being made Legal Director for TG Ministry Group. While there he would oversee due diligence, the construction of statutory mergers, acquisitions, the drafting and negotiations of contract procedure issues.

By 2003, just 13 years after starting a career as an attorney Mr. Schoeman had been admitted to practice in the High Courts of RSA. In 2005, he became the MD for Phatisma Diamond Corp. running nine concessions in Angola. It is here that Mr. Schoeman would start his practice in the field of environmental law. Before long it became something he did well, and he became respected within that area.

In less than a year, he was made Director of Phatisma Diamond Corp. Mr. Schoeman was soon endorsed for various skills he held. To name just a few, there is legal research, commercial and civil ligation, negotiations, corporate law and international law. An impressive list for any attorney. When looking at his scope of action one can see just how full his practice truly is. The following list is just sample representing a few of the fields he actively works in. Mr. Schoeman works in banking laws, business recovery, intellectual laws, and forensic investigations.

Mr. Schoeman’s career is one of variety but quality. He is known as an excellent attorney who will work with his clients to find ways to conduct business while staying within the law. He is also recognized for a considerable amount of pro bono and volunteer work that he makes time for. Mr. Schoeman could be called a renaissance lawyer without stretching the truth.

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