Skout Keeps the Dating Scene Exciting

The thing that makes my dating world exciting is Skout. I have never been so impressed with a website and app as I have with Skout. This has made my life so much easier. Dating has become a lot of fun over years, and I believe this app has totally transformed things for me.

In the world of dating there is the traditional dating, and then there is online dating. I have tried traditional dating for half of my life, and the results have never been that positive. On the other side of the fence there is online dating, and I have had great results with this. I meet people online and flirt. I chat and interact at long as I want to before I actually go out on a date. This is the great part. In the tradition dating scene you may meet someone new and there is already pressure to go out right away. I don’t like that. I am more interested in pacing myself. I like to spend a little bit of time getting to know someone first. I get a chance to see if this is someone that I really want to start something with. I don’t have to waste a lot of time out on a date with someone that isn’t really my type.

I would say that this is the most exciting thing about the app world. It allows me to get a very exciting dating experience for free. I have tried the other apps before. None of these apps have given me what Skout has given me. It is a free app – unlike eHarmony – so I can get connected with millions of people at no cost. That is the best possible reason for anyone to use it.

Skout can certainly become the ideal app for me because it is one of the best in the Apple store. It has a lot of potential to beat out other apps like Facebook even though this is where most people discovered it. I have been using Skout for many years, and it has become a staple because it has continued to be the best visual app. There are tons of pictures of people here. You can click on a profile and just start chatting right away.  On the other end of the scope there are also people that will be interested in the random “shake to chat” feature. This is something that people will be interested in if they don’t want to see photos first. You can shake your phone and start chatting with a random person. This can be a hit and miss situation. Sometimes the results are great. At other times it may be a little less than stellar.

Frans Schoeman, A Renaissance Lawyer

As its commonly conceived a renaissance person is someone who lived in the distant past and who were educated in a broad variety of areas. Such people were highly respected. Sadly as our body of knowledge has increased it has become rare that one person could delve deeply in all of the accumulated knowledge of many fields. One man has managed to do just that. A well-educated man with over 25 years of experience Frans Schoeman could easily be called a renaissance lawyer. His working body of knowledge in so many different fields is by anyone’s standards impressive.

Mr. Schoeman attended the University Free from 1987 to 1990 where he obtained a Baccalaureate Procuratuonis. This degree is required in South Africa to qualify as an attorney. While in school he was an active member of the Student Legal Society. Once out of school he joined the respected law firm of Joubert Schoeman.

While working for a prestigious law firm would have been satisfying for most people it just wasn’t enough for Mr. Schoeman on Within nine years, he joined Hofeyr Herbstein and Gihwala Inc. as an attorney practicing in various fields. 2001 saw Mr. Schoeman being made Legal Director for TG Ministry Group. While there he would oversee due diligence, the construction of statutory mergers, acquisitions, the drafting and negotiations of contract procedure issues.

By 2003, just 13 years after starting a career as an attorney Mr. Schoeman had been admitted to practice in the High Courts of RSA. In 2005, he became the MD for Phatisma Diamond Corp. running nine concessions in Angola. It is here that Mr. Schoeman would start his practice in the field of environmental law. Before long it became something he did well, and he became respected within that area.

In less than a year, he was made Director of Phatisma Diamond Corp. Mr. Schoeman was soon endorsed for various skills he held. To name just a few, there is legal research, commercial and civil ligation, negotiations, corporate law and international law. An impressive list for any attorney. When looking at his scope of action one can see just how full his practice truly is. The following list is just sample representing a few of the fields he actively works in. Mr. Schoeman works in banking laws, business recovery, intellectual laws, and forensic investigations.

Mr. Schoeman’s career is one of variety but quality. He is known as an excellent attorney who will work with his clients to find ways to conduct business while staying within the law. He is also recognized for a considerable amount of pro bono and volunteer work that he makes time for. Mr. Schoeman could be called a renaissance lawyer without stretching the truth.

Why Many People Choose Handy Cleaning Service

Do you find your schedule filled with work and other responsibilities? Are you living a hectic lifestyle and do not have the time to clean your home? You are not alone, many people are so busy these days that they are unable to do house chores such as cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and so on. That is where Handy house cleaning service can help.

If you don’t have time to keep your home tidy and clean, let Handy on recode provide you with the quality cleaning you and your loved ones need. Their cleaning professionals will come to your home, ready to clean, with the necessary equipment and supplies to ensure a spotless home.

There are many companies out there providing house cleaning services to homes in various cities across the country. It is important to keep in mind that not all home cleaning companies render the same quality of service to people. It is imperative that you choose a house cleaning company that has an established record of providing top quality service to homeowners and other people.

Handy has been providing superior cleaning services for many years, and they know that people have more important things to take care of than cleaning their own home. Most homeowners spend about 12 to 28 hours doing cleaning tasks each week, which can add up to a huge amount of time. Let the professionals at Handy clean your home while you focus on other issues ? like working or spending quality time with your loved ones. Their professional cleaning services come with a satisfaction guarantee, which means you shouldn’t have to wait any longer to schedule your free estimate or request a cleaning service.

When it comes to cleaning products and supplies, it’s important to consider the type or quality used by your potential cleaning service providers. At Handy, they use cleaning products that are safe for people and for the environment. These products are effective cleaning supplies that are safer for people and pets.

Another important consideration is background record. All of the professionals at Handy undergo thorough screening and must pass a background check before they are sent to a customer’s home. Those who do not pass are not allowed to join Handy.

If you are ready to get the best cleaning service and have your home looking clean and fresh, you need to contact Handy to learn more about their home cleaning services, or simply request a cleaning service and they will get back to you promptly.

Handy provides house cleaning services on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time basis, as well as everything in between. Handy has a high reputation and comes recommended in the industry, further proving that Handy is the clear choice for your house cleaning needs.

Doe Deere Creates LimeCrime For Makeup Enthusiasts

Bright colors are hard to come by in the makeup world, and every makeup line tends to remain subdued by smoky tones and dramatic eye shadows. Doe Deere became frustrated by the lack of bright colors she found in traditional makeup lines, and she began her own makeup brand. LimeCrime started small, but the business is soaring today as makeup enthusiasts flock to Doe for bright colors and bold statements of style.

#1: Why Is LimeCrime A Necessity?

LimeCrime is the makeup brand that helps you find the colors you never thought you could find elsewhere. Doe was a seamstress who knew how to make clothes, but she did not have makeup that would match her brand. She opened her eBay account, called the account LimeCrime and began selling her makeup. She has kept the shop open since 2008, and her line has expanded over the years to offer women colors that are desperately in the fashion world.

#2: She Is Advancing Her Brand

Doe Deere has been advancing her brand with new offerings every year.  Her plans for the brand are bold, and she has created items that other makeup lines have yet to perfect.

The most amazing creation is the liquid-to-matte lipstick that does not crumble once it dries. You will apply the lipstick wet to your lips, but the lipstick dries in this gorgeous matte finish that is perfect for haute couture and casualwear. Doe is working on other creations to this day, and her business continues to support her clothing creations.

#3: She Meets Challenges Head-On

There was an unfortunate breach of security on her website in 2014, and some customer information was stolen. Large businesses often brush off security breaches as the cost of doing business, and customers are not respected in the process. Doe took the security breach personally, and she created a crisis response team that helped educate her customers about the breach. Customers were taught to the trust the brand again, and Doe’s passion for her creations became even more evident than before.

#4: Vegan And Cruelty-Free

Doe has had LimeCrime certified cruelty-free, and her Velvetines are vegan for ladies who wish to life a clean lifestyle. Her advancements in this area far outpace larger makeup brands, and her commitment to remaining as responsible as possible makes her cosmetics line one of the few to commit to such a process.

Comfortable clothing and cosmetics have met one another in the offices of LimeCrime, and Doe Deere’s vision for a makeup brand that serves a woman’s every need is on display at their website. LimeCrime is the sort of makeup you wear when you are frustrated with designer brands Doe had to give up years ago, and you may match her cosmetics to her clothing.

Doe Deere of Lime Crime: Colorful Innovative Make-Up for Women Who Live Unapologetically

The World Of North Korean Activist Yeonmi Park

Global activism has become increasingly important in recent decades. People have come to realize that they can make a real difference in their lives as well as the lives of others. They have also come to realize that it is now easier than ever to share their stories with others. In recent decades, a global community has arise that makes it easier to also do important tasks such as bring pressure to bear in places that are less than responsive to concerns in other ways.

North Korea remains one of the world’s most closed off places. It is hard for people to get permission to visit here. The government of this nation has done much to block attention from abroad here as well to make it harder for natives in this are to visit other parts of the world or tell their stories once they do. However, despite all odds, some people have been able to leave this part of the world and tell the world what is going on here. One such parson is Yeonmi Park. Park is an extremely courageous young woman who has spent a great deal of her time working closely with activists around the world to help bring light and attention to the many failures of the North Korean government and the suffering of people living here.

Yeonmi Park of grew up in this part of the world along with her family. While growing up here, she and many members of her extended family faced intensive hardships including the complete lack of things to eat in many cases, an issue that often forced them to resort to drastic measures just to survive such as eating grass that is not nutritious and barely allowed them to remain alive. She has also spoken out about the kind of terrors routinely infected on ordinary members of North Korean society such as lack of access to shelter that would protect them from the elements and constant indoctrination in the schools designed to force children here to view other societies as vast wastelands where nothing good exists. As a result of such teachings, many members of North Korea have little understanding of the world outside of North Korea and do not have the means to learn anything else.

Her tales of the actual conditions of this deeply secretive society have attracted a great deal of interest from people and human rights organizations around the world. Many have admired her bravery in continuing to speak out about all that she personally witnessed while growing up here. Her story also continues to be used as people attempt to put pressure on this government and publicize the terrible way that most people living here are treated in this part of the world. She and her family will continue to tell their story.

Choosing Healthy Dog Food for Your Pet

Choosing the healthiest dog food for your pet is an important decision because it can change their overall health over the long term span of their life. The food our dogs eat is responsible for maintaining their dental health, vision, the health of their coat of hair, and maintaining a healthy weight. All of these things are possible with a well balanced, nutritious diet that can be found with a complete dog food. When you are searching for a new pet food to provide for your pet, it is important to look at the labels in order to determine what ingredients are in the food and that it is well balanced and nutritious.

The Purina brand of dog food create Beneful on facebook, one of the most recognizable dog foods available for pets. This brand of dog food is specially formulated so that it can provide all the health needs of dogs of all ages and sizes. With a balanced amount of food in each serving, you can be sure that your dog is getting all his needs met with nutritious and filling portions of food. Dogs love Beneful for its taste, and because they feel full upon eating a regular serving, not requiring more food in order to fill up their stomachs.

Quality ingredients should make up the basis of any dog food that you decide to feed your dog, because you want to make sure that they are being fed real food and not filler material. Beneful makes sure to use quality ingredients in every type of dog food that it creates in order to give pets the best chance at health. Know what foods a dog can eat, and what your dog prefers in order to give him the best choice in foods that can grow with him. As your dog ages, or his health changes, it is important that his food stays as consistent as possible while still providing him with the nutrients that he needs.

One of the great things about a lot of brands, and its true of Beneful, is that they create different dog food formulas for different ages and stages in life. This means that your dog food can grow with your dog and you do not need to worry about making huge food changes to their diets which can make them sick or cause them stress when eating. Purina brands take away that added stress of finding an entirely new dog food and brand that your dog will eat.

Simple Wikipedia Editing Rules

Wikipedia contains well over 3.3 million English-worded articles. Due to its easy accessibility and the vast knowledge, it is considered the worlds most successful online encyclopedia. A survey by Nature in 2005 showed that most scientific based articles were accurate when compared to those that are professionally edited. Wikipedia is a number one priority for people when searching for detailed information about a particular topic. If unsure about the daunting editing process, then this article is for you.

1. Registration Of An Account

As much as anyone can edit Wikipedia articles comfortably without creating or registering an account, those with registered accounts enjoy a boatload of benefits. With a registered account, one gets access to enhanced editing features like the Watchlist, which you can use to monitor your previously edited articles. Wikipedia account registration ensures your privacy and security jus to name but a few.

2. Mastering The Five Pillars

All the editors and Wikipedia writers on Get Your Wiki are supposed to abide by these broad pillars when contributing to Wikipedia.

3. Remember To be Bold, Not Rude

Its the volunteers that contribute to the continued success of Wikipedia through their participation. Every editor is requested to correct minor errors in bits before going for the complete rewrite of an article.

4. Identify And Know Your Audience

Contents at Wikipedia should be understandable by everyone; technical terms that can only be understood by experts should be minimized.

5. Copyright Infringement

Materials in violation of copyright are consequently taken down when identified. As much as Wikipedia articles are free for use, ensure that your article is unique and original.

6. Referencing And Citations

Materials should be supported by reliably-sourced references to be accepted by Wikipedia. Scientist should base their citations from secondary sources such as book chapters.

7. Self-Promotion Should Be Avoided At All Cost

Wikipedia articles about oneself should be avoided, if you are worth noting in the encyclopedia, somebody else will write about you. If you already have a Wikipedia Biography but has some issues with accuracy that you wish to correct, check the Wikipedias guidelines on how to do so without violating the rules.

8. Seek Assistance

If you are just getting started as an editor, Wikipedia can be a bit challenging. Worry less the Wikipedia community will guide you through the daunting Wiki-make up. One can also find help from the help desk, through the adoption of a User Mentorship Program and one on one assistance by a Wikipedian through a special template otherwise known as the {{helpme}}.

More Tips: Get Your Wiki

If unsure how to create or edit existing or new articles then the good news is here. Veteran Wikipedia editors will help you with this as they will ensure that the pages they create for you are properly referenced with reliable sources. These professional editors will also go out of their way to ensure that the article they create for you is properly formatted and adheres to the Wikipedias manual of style. They guarantee you that the page they create will not be flagged and in an event of such cases, you will be refunded your money fully.

Due to the open source nature of the Wikipedia community, anyone can edit parts of an article, most of the times by good faith but some of these alterations can be bad for your reputation and business image. These professionals will ensure that the edits are accurate and add value to Wikipedia. In the event that you want a page translated into any language, these translators are here at your service just reach out for them, and they will deliver their fast class services.

Andy Wirth is Fighting Local and Global Infrastructure to Change Environmental Policies


It seems like the air, land and water are all under attack from big businesses that make huge profits at the expense of leaving a devastating carbon footprint on the planet.

We live in a world where exposure to thousands of pollutants are loosely regulated and where corporations have an unofficial license to act recklessly despite the environmental impact on people, natural resources, wildlife, oceans and ecosystems. As global citizens, we have a right to have access to clean water and clean air, and government regulators should act as guardians to protect the environment from corporations that have total disregard for the planet.

Based upon an article published in the Reno Gazette-Journal, the Reno, Nevada city council has taken a closer step toward solving the national and global energy crisis. The city council has voted to endorse the Clean Water Plan, which is designed to transition from coal powered systems to renewable energy sources. The Clean Water Plan is structured for the Reno economy to support private companies and utility industries that offer solutions for sustainable and diverse power-generating systems.

Policies are written into the plan to demonstrate how governing bodies and private corporations can rely on sensible decisions, rather than succumbing to special interest groups that are only concerned with making a profit. The Reno Clean Water Plan seeks to organize and implement proven systems and technologies, such as solar power and geothermal energy, which are projected to energize the local job market.

The push for clean energy is supported by many people in the community, such as government officials and prominent corporate executives, like Andy Wirth. Mr. Wirth is a philanthropist, president and CEO of Alpine Meadows Ski Resort and Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which are both located in Olympic Valley, CA. Mr. Wirth is an active board member, donor and organizer for over a dozen environmental and community groups, such as the Humane Society of Tahoe and the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, which provides youth development services and college scholarships for Lake Tahoe graduates.

The Makeup Industry Changes As Doe Deere And Others Create New Lines

The makeup industry has been filled with the same providers as the traditional markets have dominated the industry for many years. However, a new range of providers are looking for a change in the way the industry is run and the products that are being offered. From major retailers through to independent makeup developers, the way the cosmetics industry is being run has changed forever. Much of the change can be put down to the growth o9f the Internet and social media, which has allowed entrepreneurs like Doe Deere to take advantage of new technologies to create an independent makeup company with a huge reach around the world.

Doe Deere began life as a clothing designer after moving from her native Russia to New York to learn more about the fashion industry. Deere began selling unique designs of clothes via her own Lime Crime label via the Internet, but found more interest from consumers in her own line of makeup. Like many fashion thinking individuals, the world of traditional cosmetics was a little too staid for Doe Deere, who decided to create her own using the ingredients that are readily available over the Internet.

A major marketing tool on that Doe Deere has taken advantage of for her Lime Crime brand of makeup has been the use of blogs and social media, which has created a free form of marketing linking Doe Deere directly to her followers. The growth of the Internet has gone hand in hand with the growing number of individuals looking to create their own cosmetics for themsleves or for others. Doe Deere is one of the best known of this new generation of makeup entrepreneurs who have created an image for themselves that is backed up by the products they sell.

The same process is being undertaken by a number of entrepreneurs who are largely looking to follow the work of Doe Deere in creating a brand of cosmetics. The cosmetics industry itself is changing and evolving as the major brands are looking to merge with smaller, independent producers or create lines in the styles they are pushing forward. For Doe Deere the chance to head her own cosmetics company, which has already grown into a large success is a dream come true. The chance to stay in control of her own company and make it an even greater success is something she has decided to do from the position of CEO at Lime Crime that still allows her time to work on new products she and her followers will love.

Why is an intellectual property lawyer important?

The world of business is going global at an incredibly rapid rate. People like Frans Schoeman around the world are longing for the products that America offers. While these wonderful products are reaching more and more people, products are also at threat from violations of intellectual property law. It is growing increasingly important for people to focus on the need to protect their intellectual property law.
Intellectual property law is one of the most important sectors of the law industry. From patents to copyrights there are numerous was for people to protect their intellectual property from theft. Unfortunately, while it is extremely easy for people to file a copyright or a patent, it has also grown incredibly easy for people to violate this intellectual property. There are numerous companies in Asia that specialize in helping reproduce western products, and there are also people within the United States that will not hesitate to violate intellectual property law. Those that wish to protect their ideas from these threats, must take action quickly and decisively with the help of Frans Schoeman.
One of the most important actions that you can take to protect yourself against those that are looking to violate intellectual property law is to hire an intellectual property lawyer. An intellectual property lawyer will be able to protect you by taking several actions. The first action they will take is helping to guide your property through the process of registration. Whether you need a copyright or a patent, an intellectual property lawyer will be able to guide you through this process quickly and easily. The next step they can take is to help keep an eye out for those that would violate your intellectual property. When their office or you spot someone violating your intellectual property, they can take action. First, they will take action by sending the violator a cease and desist order, and if necessary they will be able to take legal action against those that would violate your intellectual property. If you value your intellectual property, then you need to contact an intellectual property lawyer today.
There are many wonderful intellectual property law offices in the world, but one of the best intellectual property lawyers is Joubert Schoeman Attorneys. Joubert Schoeman Attorneys is packed with highly qualified lawyers that will work constantly to ensure that your property is protected. The office has worked with a wide variety of corporate partners, protecting their property from those that would chose to violate it. Their list of partners includes both listed and unlisted companies, as well as many companies from around the world.
Joubert Schoman Attorneys has many different success stories that should encourage people to contact the company. The team has won several decisions in court, including multiple million dollar cases. The success that the company has had should encourage future clients to work with this extremely successful company.