The Handy Company Can Perform A Lot Of Handyman Jobs

Everyone knows what handyman services are, but those who want services from the Handy company may want to know exactly what services can be performed by a Handy employee. Those who need pictures or shelves hung up can have it done by a Handy professional. The pictures will be straightened and hung properly, and any shelves that need hanging will also be hung straight and securely to make sure they stay on the wall. Air-conditioning services are also offered by Handy, which means those hot days won’t be problematic anymore when a Handy worker comes to fix the AC unit.

Those who have knobs and locks that need attending to, such as switching them out or fixing them can also call on Handy. TV mounting is a specialty of Handy, which is great for those who have purchased HDTVs that need to be mounted correctly on the wall. Many try mounting their own TVs but fail miserably, and some people even break their TVs before they ever get to watch it when they try to mount it by themselves. Handy can mount any size HDTV within a matter of minutes. Handy also has some great painting services for those who need interior painting.

It’s not unusual for a homeowner to want a room painted a different color than the rest of the house, especially if it’s their own bedroom or another room that they are setting up for someone else, so make an appointment to have Handy perform this service. Hanging curtains and blinds can be a big pain, especially since Venetian blinds can become problematic as well as any other type of hanging blinds. Let Handy put up blinds in any room, and the work will be done correctly, and the blinds will last for many years after they’re put in place.

Need help with moving? performs these services to, especially if it means loading up the truck and getting the customer to their next destination. Even furniture assembly is a part of the handyman work that the company performs, so those who have purchased any kind of furniture that needs major or minor assembly can have a Handy professional do it. All jobs that are performed by a Handy employee will be done correctly and to the satisfaction of the customer or their money back. Each Handy employee is also insured and goes through a background check.


John Goullet And DIVERSANT Lead The Way In IT Solutions

John Goullet is the Principal Chairman for Diversant,LLC – a fully certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise and privileged to be the largest IT staffing company to be owned by an African-American in the United States.

After graduating from Ursinus College, in Collegeville Pa, with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in computer science , John worked as a Computer Consultant and then an IT staffing account executive for companies that include The Constell Group and Tsr Consultants, before founding his own IT company – Information Technologies in 1994. Focusing his company on the understanding of the climate of emerging market trends and IT staffing solutions, John was able to build Info Tech into one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation – as twice cited by Inc, Magazine’s Inc. 500. It was his ability and insight in matching the skill and style of his consultants with his client’s needs that catapulted Info Tech to a net worth of $30 million in just five years.

Two Companies Become One
John Goullet, with this same insight and keenness for understanding emerging market rends, would help spearhead the merging of his company Info Tech with Diversant,Inc in 2010 – to form Diversant,LLC as a way to progressively further the development of both companies and their staffs, as well as their client’s Fortune 500 needs.

DIVERSANT,, based in Red Bank NJ, is an information technology staffing services company – specializing in providing diverse solutions for Fortune 500 and mid-market companies in the U.S. It’s leadership and staff’s innovative and progressive approach to their client’s needs have kept the company rapidly growing and at the forefront IT staffing solutions, even during economic and market downturns.

In addition to providing help to those in industries ranging from banking and financial services, government and public service, insurance, retail, telecommunication, and healthcare – DIVERSANT is also a leader in minority business enterprise and veterans programs. DIVERSANT also offers many job opportunities in fields like database and networking administration, creative design and mobile application technology.

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Gooee and Their Smart Lighting

There are a lot of people who are currently interested in switching to Smart lighting because of what they have heard about it from other people. Smart lighting is totally unlike anything you have probably used already within your home or office. The problem so many people have is that the electric bills they get each month are simply too expensive for their current budget and it is difficult for them to afford every single month. One of the main benefits to switching to Gooee smart lighting is the fact that you are going to have greater control over all of the electric with in your home without needing to get an electrician involved at all.

Gooee refers great smart lighting options and features that you can easily Implement into your own home as you see fit. The main benefit to Smart lighting within the home is the fact that it allows you to actually control all of the electric without you needing to even be there to do it for it. In fact, you will find that smart lighting turns itself on and off depending on how lit the room currently is, which means that the light will turn off because of the fact that the room already has a lot of natural light implemented into it. You can also control all of the lighting within your home by using a smartphone or tablet device because of the fact that this is a great option for homeowners and office owners all over the world.

A Gladiator of the Downtrodden: Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorrsen has been making rounds in the political arena of many countries with his belligerent stand against authoritarians and tyrants across the globe. The founder and current president of Human Rights Foundation (HRF), Thor has been instrumental in voicing human rights violations and promoting liberal democracy across the globe.

Coming from a family of activists, Thor is no secret to courting controversies. He is half-Venezuelan and half-Norwegian, Thor’s paternal grandfather Oystein, was the Norwegian king’ s adviser in Venezuela when World War II was at its peak and has directed Norway’s shipping fleets to Venezuela when the Germans invaded Norway.

Thor’s mother, on the other hand, is the direct descendant of the first president of Venezuela, Cristobal Mendoza who was responsible in helping the country win its independence from Spain. Thor seems to have surely taken the activist’s blood from his lineage. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Huffigton Post

HRF has its presence in many countries and has helped countless people with advocacy campaigns over the years. Thor himself has been bloodied and bruised for great causes. An incident in 2010 where he was jailed and detained without further notice when he and his cameraman interviewed the founding father of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, Thich Quang Do who has been placed under house arrest for the past 28 years. Thor and his partner had snuck the taped video card in their rectum to get the tape out of the police’s hands. This only goes to show that neither Thor nor his organization is willing to get their hands dirty for a cause.

Thor Halvorssen has been accused of being a right-winger for his sheer disdain and criticism of left-wing Latin American dictatorships and receiving of funding from conservative foundations which he adamantly refuses to be called. He terms himself more as a classic liberal from the John Stuart Miller tradition.

About Thor Halvorssen

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is the full name of Thor Halvorssen. Born on March 6, 1976, he took to advocating human rights from an early age. His first stint came when he was still and adolescent who organized the opposition to South African Apartheid in the year 1989. Thor took to promoting human rights as a full-time job after his father was made a political prisoner in Venezuela. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

The founding of HRF bears a special place in his heart and was founded soon after his mother was shot in a political protest in the year 2004. His organization is committed to promoting democracy and tolerance all around the world. Thor is also the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual global gathering of human rights activist.

EOS Leading the Way in Lip Balm Brands

Evolution of Smooth, more commonly known as EOS, is now more popular than Chapstick, according to recent sales information. That is pretty impressive, considering that Chapstick has long been the leader in lip balm. In fact, Chapstick first began offering its product in the mid-1880s, while EOS opened their doors as a small start-up in 2009. It is safe to say that the past seven years’ have proven successful for EOS lip balm, as surpassing a brand that most everyone is familiar with and has used for so long is quite the honor.

Despite surpassing Chapstick and selling more than one million lip balms per week,Burt’s Bees is still the leaderin sales, but only by a slight margin. Nevertheless, these two products rank in top spots, leaving Chapstick, as well as the brand’s once biggest competition, Blistex, trailing in their dust.

EOS is a brand that uses only natural ingredients in its products, one of the highlights that has helped the brand rise to the top as more eBay consumer’s desire using such products. The natural ingredients inside of EOS lip balms soothe and soften them lips, preventing chapped lips and other displeasing lip conditions. But this is far from the only highlight the EOS brand brings your way.


Control over Security

Securus Technologies is a state-of-the-art communications firm based out of Dallas, Texas. This is a relatively well-known company within the United States and produces security, communications and project management applications for use in the United States penal system. Most of their products are aimed at offering communication solutions to their customers, which are primarily inmates serving time with in prisons scattered throughout the different states. These individuals, like many other American citizens need to have opening forms of communication with family members and loved ones. Due to their living circumstances though this could prove to be difficult to accomplish and Securus Technologies has produced several free applications for use on mobile devices in order to reach these goals. These applications are free to download and use, being supported on both Apple and Android devices. They offer seamless streaming technology for crystal clear and high-definition video feeds to transfer from one device to the other through Wi-Fi signals. While these products are very high quality and are in use with over 1.5 million customers at this point in time Securus Technologies itself as a company has been put under fire from information technology giant GTL.


GTL claims that multiple patents for Securus products have recently expired, which means that the company itself no longer owns the rights to these products any longer and have become open source for anyone who wishes to use them. These claims have recently been proven inaccurate, as Securus personnel, alongside third-party agents, have discovered that the patents are still valid and Securus still controls all of them. This is good news for Securus as I can continue to develop and innovate its services and applications for the customers, who still show loyalty to the company despite what the media has been reporting.


EOS: A Natural Lip Balm Product

When it comes to winter, there’s a lot that comes with the cold weather: snow, colds and flu season AND chapped lips. Chapped lips can be avoided with the right lip product, but finding one can prove to be a challenge. There are classic formulas like Blistex and Chapstick or Nivea, but medicated lip balms are so last year. It’s time to take a more natural approach and find the lip balm that has essential ingredients for healthy and soft lips. Evolution of Smooth, or EOS is a brand that promises their natural ingredients are beneficial and packed with vitamins to ensure those soft lips we all hope to have year round, and especially in the colder months.

Not only is Evolution of Smooth natural, and packed with the right ingredients, but it is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and gluten-free, making it the perfect product for anyone. You can find these product in almost any stores, whether its a Walmart or CVS or online on ULTA and eBay. You certainly can’t miss them in a group of lip balms. Instead of being in a classic tube, they are in little spherical pods that contain the smooth lip product. They come in assorted flavors and colors, where you won’t find that with other lip products. They have so much to offer and come at the modest price of only three dollars per pod.

You really can’t go wrong in trusted this natural, people and animal friendly product. They are a great value, and come in so many varieties to appease all people. Don’t wait until winter when your lips are cracked and sore- start using EOS now to ensure the softest, smoothest winter you’ve had yet!

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Explore the Mysteries of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is an esoteric school of thought that originated in Judaism, having been interpreted by an elect group of “righteous” people, known as the Tzadikim and initially taught to only a privileged few. Kabbalah varies to an extent depending on the practitioner, though it always seeks to explain and connect people and the mortal world with God’s infinite universe. Kabbalah links traditional Jewish texts and teachings with esoteric teachings, with the goal of helping people better understand the purpose of their existence. Most practitioners believe that Kabbalah predates other world religions and inspired other religions, philosophies, and political systems. Kabbalah came about after earlier versions of Jewish mysticism, around the 12th or 13th century, in France and Spain; It was later reinterpreted during the Jewish renaissance during the 16th century. It became popular within Hasidic Judaism from the 18th century until the recent times where Kabbalah took on a more inclusive, contemporary form of spirituality .

The Kabbalah Center International is a non-profit organization in Los Angeles, California that seeks to spread the teachings of Kabbalah and offers courses on both the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings. In addition to the main location in California, there are a number of other city based study centers and online learning is also available. Directors Michael (son of the late founder Philip Berg) and his mother, Karen Berg have worked to create an inclusive, multi ethnic international staff that are able to reach out to students seeking Kabbalistic study all over the world.


What makes the Kabbalah Center International so unique is that it seeks to spread Kabbalah to non-jewish people, both men and women (Kabbalah was initially only taught to males), regardless of whether or not they can read Hebrew. Kabbalistic teachings are presented as a supplement to a religion, rather than an alternative to it. Students are encouraged to volunteer and mentor others as it is a belief in Kabbalah that you will better understand the teachings if you are explaining and teaching others.


If you would like to find out about how you can learn Kabbalah, contact a representative from TeamKabbalah at or call 310.464.0691.

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Tips on How To Take Care Of Curly Hair

If you have curly hair than it’s important to take care of it so it looks it’s best. There are many things you can do to keep your curly hair looking it’s best. Here are some tips on how to keep your curls looking beautiful.

One tip to keeping your curls looking beautiful is to not brush it when it’s wet. Instead of using a brush, which can cause frizz and undo your curls, you should run your fingers through your hair. This will get rid of any knots without ruining your curls.

Another tip to use to keep your curls looking beautiful is to condition your hair from bottom to top. A lot of people use conditioner on the top of their hair but you should actually start at the bottom and work your way up to the roots of your hair. This way you will get all the conditioner out of your hair.

Another tip to use to keep you curls looking beautiful is to shower with a hair net. This will allow the water and hair care product to get to your hair but will keep your curls together. They will not come out as much if you wear a hair net.

If you are looking for a great brand of hair care products then you should check out Wen hair care. They have a wide array of different hair care products to choose from. They also have products that do not contain sulfates and other harsh chemicals.

Wen hair by Chaz Dean offers customers kits to buy on Guthy-Renker. These kits are very affordable and come with a variety of products. They come with styling creme, mousse, conditioner, treatment mist, and smoothing gloss. If you are looking for great products then check out this wonderful brand of hair care items. Check out


Gooee Is Leading the Smart Lighting Industry Into the Future!

In today’s world, we engage with smart technology more every day. At the top of this industry are smart homes to have these, of course, you need smart lighting. The leader in the smart lighting industry is Gooee. Titled, “one of the hottest lighting companies in 2015” by Lux. Gooee has received awards and recognition throughout the smart technology industry.

Gooee created an operational platform that integrates Internet of Things (IoT) with lighting. Sensors placed inside luminaries, referred to as “Gooee-Inside”, create a series of wireless connections. Giving us, the ability to use wireless devices to control lighting systems.

Gooee Smart Lighting

Gooee leaped, into the smart technology action, during 2015-2016. Partnering with Aurora group, September of 2015. Then, a live demonstration of their technology, at LuxLive in November. That same month, six more major lighting manufacturers added their technology to their products. In 2016, they partnered with Nordic Semiconductor and EnOcean.

Today, you will find smart lighting technology everywhere. We can thank lighting manufacturers for installing, Gooee technology into their product lines. This makes, buying, installing, and using, smart lighting in our homes, and businesses convenient.

Manufacturers like: Phillips, Samsung, GE, and LG, have smart lighting products available. Of the many reasons why you want to use smart lighting, is the fact that they are extremely energy efficient. Why not, save money on your utilities right? All you need to do now is, decide what system you want. Remember, they work with your smart devices, such as tablets and smartphones.